Automate Your Lead Handling
Process in 3 Easy Steps

ShoutBoss works as your virtual assistance & free up 6-7 hours of cold calling everyday
so you concentrate on more important tasks...


Be The First Responder

With ShoutBoss, you can immediately attend your leads as and when they hit your mailbox. No restrictions on time and the number of prospects you can handle at a time. It's like you are on the phone anytime any day without even ringing a bell. ...more conversations translate directly into more business.


Direct to Voice Mail

Message delivered directly to the prospects voicemail on their cell phone by passing the ringer. This creates urgency and many call backs for you to close. You can also leave personalized, recorded messages in your own voice that adds more value and personal touch to your communications with your prospects.


Follow up with your prospects

Nurturing your prospects is the key to becoming a successful agent. If you can't keep in touch with your leads, it turns cold and you eventually end up loosing the prospect. ShoutBoss allows you keep in touch with your leads through VoiceMails, Emails & SMS. ShoutBoss allows you to send any number of messages according to any schedule.

Be The First Responder

Majority of prospects choose the sales person that responds the quickest.

How Does ShoutBoss Works...

Lead Enters Your Mailbox
ShoutBoss Campaign Picks Up The Contact Information From Your Mailbox
ShoutBoss Triggers A Pre-recorded Voice Mail in as less as 5 mins, followed up with an email & SMS until they respond
Once the lead raises their hand, you take over and CLOSE THE SALE.


Avg. Response Rate


Happy Customers


Avg. Conversion Rate

Close More Deals Make More Sales

...Say GoodBye To Cold-Calling Doesn't Matter
What Industry You Are Part Of.

We help you automate the prospect handling & follow-up whether you are a Realtor, Insurance Agent or A Car Salesman.

No problem if you don't have time to call all of your leads personally. ShoutBoss can handle that BIG part for you and get your prospects to call / email when they are ready. This is 10 times easier to turn those potential clients into customers which means more revenue for your business.

Insurance Agent

Health insurance industry needs 45% of cold-calling, follow-up & customer interactions. This is almost half of your time that you can utilize to do more important tasks.

Mortgage Brokers

An average Realtor spends about 70% of his time nurturing prospects and engaging with them. More you engage with your clients, the higher conversion rate you will get.

Car Insurence

As a Car Insurance agent, if you have to repeat the same thing over and over again to your prospects or you feel like stuck in a never ending circle, ShoutBoss is what you need to make it easy on you.

What You Get With ShoutBoss

Phone Dialer

Connect with more prospects, have more conversations and set more appointments


We communicate with the prospect by sending a pre prerecorded voice mail to their cell phone, followed up with an email and SMS until they respond.

Voice Mail

Message delivered directly to the prospects voicemail on their cell phone by passing the ringer. This creates urgency and many call backs for you to close.

Communication Log

With one click you can see all the history of the communication between you and the prospect.

More Features & Benefits

Dynamic Merge Fields

ShoutBoss uses Merge Fields to dynamically show the prospect name, address, contact details, meeting

Personalized Followups

Each interaction with your lead is going to be personal and from you. Email & text messages will inc

Real Time Reports

Data Reporting is essential for the growth of the business and taking the right decisions at the rig

Automated Voice Mail

We will send your prospect a pre-recorded Voice Mail that will go straight to their Cell Phone Voice

Schedule Your Follow-up

You can schedule your follow-ups to match the time preferences of your prospects and/or at the times

Conversation History

ShoutBoss keeps a log of conversion between you and your prospects, it's an easy reference to what h

Let ShoutBoss Handle Your Prospects, So You Can Close More Deals And Make More Sales.

We respond, engage and convert your leads while you sit back.

Time Is Money – Save More & Earn More With ShoutBoss

We Help You Save 7-8 hours of cold calling everyday. Signup To Get Special Discount Over 14 Days FREE Trial

What Agents are Saying

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    With ShoutBoss coming in, my response rate has increased by 150% over the last 3 months because I am quick and first to respond & my follow-ups are in place. ShoutBoss saves me tons of time daily. It's exactly what I needed.

    John Hain
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    It's so good to know that ShoutBoss is there to handle your leads, follow up with them and make sure that they don't fall through cracks. I wasn't able to keep up with my leads before, I used to have to drop what I was in the middle of to be able to email, call or text them. I was losing a lot of prospects and potential business. Knowing that ShoutBoss is there to handle the BIG stuff, I have the freedom to make the decision to stay focused.

    Alex Parker
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    ShoutBoss has helped me lower my work burden by a great deal. I used to cold call for hours with less time for other tasks. Not only was it time consuming, but it got pretty discouraging on certain days. I was ready to give up my carrier as an agent when I heard about ShoutBoss from a friend. I gave it a shot and believe me, it turned out to be a great help for me and my business. Thanks ShoutBoss, for saving my Business.

    Pariker Smith